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D. Rose!


Pompom banners by NapkinItems on Etsy

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Problems Every Petite Girl Deals With (It’s hard out there for a tiny girl!)

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I love this kind of contrasts: suit and tattoos = sexsexsexsexsex 100%! 


Frank Ocean serving VerseBottom REALNESS ;)))

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"I can absolutely assure you that ITVS does not want your film to be buried.” She said of the title [Citizen Koch], “I think you understand why it’s problematic… . We live in a world where we have to be aware that people with power have power."


How Far Did PBS Go to Avoid Offending a Sponsor? : The New Yorker (via brooklynmutt)

Ain’t that it!


“For many, building a résumé, not finding a boyfriend (never mind a husband), is their main job on campus.” — New York Times
Well, I hope the fuck so, NYT.