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Being independent as an artist who is in complete control.  I began performing in front of audiences as early as 5. It began with dance and led to singing. By 8 Id already performed in jazz clubs with musicians who played with Count Basie and never lost their inner child so communication with them was easy for me a then child. I was called back for the Goodman and knew my life calling.  Everything from 8 on has lead me here. Writing poems at 9, reading Hamlet at 1o, keeping journals from 11 until now. Acting. By 18 I was called back to play Maureen on Broadway in Rent.  I was disappointed to find the quality of Broadway performances to be under par from that of regional theatre such as The Goodman. When the part went to a celebrity who lacked skill and eventually lost her voice I wasn’t surprised. I knew then that to be a part of somebody elses something meant my sacrificing personal creative control to the powers that be. So what did I do? I continued to immerse myself in studies, in the underground, in jazz clubs soaking in my own personal collection of high art which I have great expectations for.  I decided I would create my own art be the soul representative for how art I create or partake in would be revealed to the world.  A journey of the artist is life long. It takes courage. MY goal is to make art only I can make which will last long after i’ve died and these words are written.  A cost I pay a daily price for.  Sacrifice of time away from loved ones. Singing in the subway to save money  that funds projects so I can focus on me answering to myself on my own terms. I operate in an unorthodox way to most who are content answering to others agendas.  I pay the price. I write the song. I sing for the public. I work at my craft to eventually share it all with you.  Example: This video.  This video came out of a need to create.  I can only be truly free as an artist if I hold the camera, if I edit myself, If I write the song, take the time to learn final cut, If I educate myself to get my ideas out to you. Free my internal creator from the burden of locked ideas that never see the light of day cause I did nothing. That’s my daily battle.  This was my concept. Someone else had another vision of me. This is me.  The beginning. The Alpha of getting my expression to a wider range of people. It is’nt perfect which for me is perfect. I’m learning tools to help navigate my next videos. At the end of the day I can say I shot this. I edited this. I traveled for this I wrote these lyrics and assembled this from my experience. THIS IS ME. And I own this.  Nobody can tell me to take this own or attach their name to it.  I have that beautiful luxury. I didn’t need anyone else because I am the artist.  If you don’t like it that’s fine if you do like it that’s fine.  Im sure you can’t help but to feel something. And that’s the magic. I made you feel something. With my view of the world. This video isn’t my main edit it’s imperfect and it’s beautiful because it’s me.  What is freedom? Does it exist on earth? For me art is sacred my words are sacred. My assembled ideas are sacred can’t be claimed, bought, or sold no matter how hard people try. And believe me they have and do try.  But this is what I fight for my perspective.



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